New Concepts.

Even is this field is something new to add and we combine beautifully the ancient wisdoms with newest discoveries.

The Big Ideas.

No idea is too big for us.

We support you in your journey with the latest tools available.

Creative Solutions.

We know how the brain works in the most random ways and we are here to make you the artist of your own life.




We offer consultations with various Astrology systems and these are Tropical and Vedic Astrological systems. Both of them cover Natal, Predictive, Relational and Vocational/Career charts.


We use three different systems of Numerology than can help even the most pretentious of people. Numerology also covers Natal, Predictive, Compatibility and Career areas.

Vocational Coaching

Vocational Coaching sessions reveal the IKIGAI through a personalized and goal-oriented approach that helps us identify, develop, and enhance the specific skills and knowledge needed for our careers or vocations.

Self Development Coaching

Self-Development Coaching is a personalized process designed to empower us in a personal growth journey and create a more fulfilling and purposeful life by unlocking our inner potential.


Meet the team

Andreea Cismigiu

Specialist in Tropical and Vedic Astrology, Matrix of Destiny Master and PsychoNumerology Ninja. Vocational Coach.

Who We Are

Two souls who found the light within us through these tools we specialized in and chose to follow our calling.

Our Vision

We believe everyone is exactly where they need to be and with a little kindness and self assesment we all can improve our lives, individualy and in relationships.

Our Mission

We are dilligent about helping people to make the best decisions for themselves. We believe in supporting and liffting each other up .

Latest News


  • Women, Feminism, Femininity

    Women, Feminism, Femininity

    I’ve written this article in 2021 on my previous site, but I re-wrote it for this one with aditional information. Feminine Energy Feminine energy is the negative property of a whole, which is complemented by masculine energy, the positive part of the whole. Negative and positive here do not mean bad and good. In…

  • The link of the signs in the Zodiac

    The link of the signs in the Zodiac

    The zodiac signs, ancient symbols of celestial wisdom, offer a unique lens through which we can understand the evolving characteristics of human nature. From Aries to Pisces, each sign builds upon the traits of the previous one, creating a flowing narrative of growth, transformation, and deepening self-awareness. Here we’ll find the essence of each zodiac…

  • Houses in the Zodiac

    Houses in the Zodiac

    The zodiacal houses represent the „place” where the action takes place, regardless of the zodiac sign in which is the ascendant. They present specific areas of everyday life where all of this takes place. The placement in a house indicates whether, for example, Mars manifests in relationships (7th house), self-service (6th house), family (4th house),…



Intuition, grace and passion…
I know Andreea both as a friend and as a mentor. The numerological matrix system she developed helped me understand even more the path I should follow in terms of my career. The way Andreea approached the same science aligns perfectly with what I was looking for in a course to improve my personal development.

Alina D.

Financial Auditor

Andreea has a military vibe, she doesn’t let you down from the shackles of objectivity and brings you down to earth when you’re delusional. But she also lifts you up if you have your head too low and you can’t see the Sun anymore. Initially, I took what she told me as a joke, but after some time, I was put in the situation she described. But then I knew.

Alexa M.

Business Owner

Over any personal development or coaching, you have a guide in life, you have a map to navigate. How you use Lifeologist’s guidance is up to you, but if you know where you’re going, here you can find all the tools for that direction and some „weapons” suitable only for you, everything is personalized. Enjoy the ride!

Cosmin C.

Web 3 Dev. Artist